Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This Weeks Odds and Ends

Seems like I do a "random" post every couple of weeks and this one is no different. Here are the odds and ends all mashed together to make up one big random post.

Andrews work provides corporate passes to thanksgiving point. We get to do anything and everything there for free. So we hit Andrew up for the passes, talked him in to going with us and invited Amber and her two youngest to joins us at the dinosaur museum.
The kids were in heaven. AnDee got to be with one of her very best friends (Brigs) and Pep got to run around seeing  giant dinosaurs! AnDee scored big time because Amber let her come play at her house while Pep went to grandmas for a nap. Andee ADORES her Aunt Amber and family (as do I) so this was basically the best thing in the world in her mind.

 Andee is very uneasy about sitting right in front of all those teeth.

We got to spend some bonus time with Amber and her family later in the week when they all made the trek to our house to put up some tomatoes. I have to have Amber there for tomatoes cause I dont actually like them so I need extra motivation to put all that work into canning them. I always love it when they are all done and I can see what we have accomplished though.

 We also talked her kids in to picking the plums... which are still sitting on the back porch. Fail

This is how we gather eggs lately. It really does works quite well.

Pam was super nice a few weeks ago and took Amy and I on a "girls weekend"  We stayed in a hotel and spent a day up in park city.... shopping. Which really isnt my favorite activity but it actually was pretty fun. It also made night #2 of being away from my kids(ever). Well except for Ike of course. He got to tag along.

In other news...
Pep likes to eat bubbles (his new way of "catching" them)

He doesn't like to have his diaper changed and still isn't overly interested in potty training, which results in this...

We spent some time at Aunt Gayle's house (finally)

Ike is getting amazing at sitting up by himself. Maybe one day he will start crawling too.

I get a few minutes every day to just cuddle this baby. I sit and rock him and he curls up in a little ball in my arms and snuggles his face in and goes right to sleep. Closest thing to Heaven I can imagine.

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