Friday, April 18, 2014

Happiness Day 20

This morning we finally went out and let Buggy pick out a bike for reading all of her books. She was too excited to get home and try it out. It came with training wheels so at first she set out on those and I thought she would be content... which she was... for about 5 min (literally) She has never actually tried to ride a bike before so Andrew and I were hesitant to take the training wheels off but she was very persistent (and persuasive) and convinced her dad to take them off. I did the old hold-on-to-the-seat trick for a couple of tries but she was frustrated and so I thought we were taking a break. I sat down but she kept at it. About 10 minutes later the girl was riding up and down the sidewalk on her own! She never ceases to amaze me with not only how physically capable she is but also with how determined she is. I was ready to give up within seconds but she stuck with it and it paid off!
We had a pretty awesome moment last night too. We have be watching The Life of Jesus Christ videos every night for the last little while in preparation for Easter. If you haven't seen these movies I HIGHLY recommend watching them. They have brought a spirit and understanding to our home that I can't even explain. It has been SO awesome to share this with my little ones but it has also been so awesome for my own testimony as well. The man that plays Christ was truly inspired. These videos have touched me in a way that is beyond words. I know it shouldn't take a movie to do this for me and really it doesn't because I had a testimony of Christ long before I ever watched them but being able to hear someone speak those words from Christ point of view is touching to say the least.
Last night we watched the video of Christ's crucifixion. This. Broke. AnDee's. Heart. She cried and cried and was so upset that people could be so awful to Jesus. If Im being honest we kind of had a family cry session. We talked about how it was really awful what Christ went through but that He knew what was going to happen and He chose to do it anyway. That it was His choice because he knew that it was worth it. We also talked about how important it is for us to understand that He died for us and for us to remember that but that is not what we should dwell on. We should dwell on Christ's life and on the fact that he was resurrected and that He did it all so that we could be resurrected too and so that we could live with Him and our Father for eternity. It was so special to watch her start to understand. The spirit that has been in our home since then has been more than amazing and Im going to be sad when all the movies have been watched... maybe Ill find an excuse to just keep watching them. The way our home feels after we watch these movies and have these discussion is the way I want our home to always feel.

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