Monday, April 7, 2014

Happiness Day 9

Yesterday was a good day. After watching (most) of conference (the kids were going crazy. Ill finish watching it today... don't judge me!) We got out and went for a walk. Joseph was riding his little bike and AnDee her scooter. We had been out for some time and Pep was climbing up a little grass hill to ride his bike down when off in the distance we heard it... the clicking and clacking of a train on train tracks. Joseph stopped dead (and I really do mean dead. Like he was in the process of turning his bike to go down the hill and just froze) in his tracks. Spotting the train off in the distance he simply whispered "Wow" Like it was the most incredible thing he had ever seen. Im not sure why this makes me so happy but it does. I LOVE how fascinated he is with trains. I love how he lights up when he sees them and I love that he finds so much joy in things that most people barely even notice.
When we got home from our walk Pep still had too much energy and was causing a few problems. He had Buggy's little doll stroller and was running around like a mad man slamming it in to everything, including his baby brother. He was warned that if he ran in to Isaac one more time he was going to have to put his nose on the wall  (Our form of timeout) Of course he couldn't control himself and after slamming the stroller directly in to his baby brother head he was sent to put his nose on the wall. He was less than happy and was making quite a show of how sad he was. His little brother who was crying his own tears after being run over noticed how upset Pep was and couldn't stay upset with him. He walked right over and stuck his nose right up on the wall next to Pep. Which of course caused Pep to laugh and the crying stopped. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever and made me realize that there is a reason Christ has told us to be as little children. It didn't take any time for Ike to forgive Pep. It was as natural as breathing for him to forget what had happened and bare Peps "burden" (also known as time out) with him.

Don't mind to low riding pants. The boy has no bottom.

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  1. I love this! First off, (about your last last post) 6 miles?! Sheesh! I ran 2.8 and thought I was going to die. And I walked parts (hills). Second (about your last post), I too actually "heard" that talk, even though I listened to it all. I've started getting my family up early so we can do scripture study in the morning. I hope it works. Tony and some of my kids are not morning people. Third, I love Pep's fascination too. Things like that just make life better. And fourth, I've just started listening to things on my phone or iPod while I work. I'm listening to a book on tape, but yesterday I went on and started listening to conference again so I could really hear it. I love it! It takes my mind off the work and my kids can run and scream and play, but because I have earphones in I can still hear it!