Monday, April 14, 2014

Happiness Day 14, 15 and 16

I know this is cheating but Ill be honest. Im real tired and writing out 3 posts seems like too much right now.
The last few days have been super fun. It was Peps birthday weekend (which will gets its own post at a later time) So we had a weekend filled with trains! We went out to eat at his favorite train themed restaurant and took him to the train show. Ive never been to a train show before but it was pretty cool. I have never in my life seen so many toy trains. Like if you took all the toy trains I have seen in my entire life and put them together... they still wouldn't add up to what they had at this show. Pep had a ball. Watching the pure joy and fascination on his face is pretty much the best thing ever.

I also turned this...

In to this...

Which was not easy cause marshmallow frosting is hard to work with.

Todays happy moment happened just minutes ago. I was laying Isaac down for his nap and he apparently thought it was much too early to sleep. His solution to this was giggling. And it worked. I mean how do you get upset with a giggling baby? So we sat and giggled together until he fell asleep. I think thats how going to sleep should always be. Just giggling until you can't keep your eyes open anymore.

This picture obviously isn't of his nap today but look how darn cute he is when he sleeps!

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