Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happiness day 3

I know this is probably boring news but its pretty much the best thing in the world for our family. We got to go outside 2 days in a row!! Not only that but it was ABOVE 60 degrees! This is exponentially warmer than it has been at any any given point since we moved here. The wind was blowing like crazy but it didn't matter cause it was warm!! Being outside makes my kids so much more pleasant and it makes me a completely different person. Happy. Much much more happy. The best part is that there were a bunch of other people outside in the courtyard with us but it didn't stop AnDee from running around and singing at the top of her lungs. There was a car full of teenagers sitting across the street waiting for a friend and they had their windows down and they pretty much thought her singing was the best thing ever. Pretty sure she just started a fan base.
and yes... that is Buggy (fashionably dressed of course) running around picking up garbage and singing.

The other happy moment I had in the last 24 hours was this...

(Don't mind that his name is "Fart" Its a term of endearment  I assure you.) This is from my brother Caleb. He is talking about coming out here and visiting. This is a big deal. You see, Caleb and I used to be super close. Like I had to approve a girl before he was aloud to date her kind of close. But things changed quite a few years ago and although we haven't had issues with each other by any means our relationship just fizzled out and it got to the point where we only saw/talked to each other about 2 or 3 times a year and generally speaking our conversations didn't go much beyond soccer. Well about a month ago he kind of just showed up again and I have been hearing from him quite often so when he started talking about coming out I was super excited and then to have him just kind of acknowledge the fact that he misses the relationship we used to have... it made me tear up a little to be honest. I know thats super dorky and I hope he never reads this cause he will never let me live it down but I have missed him terribly and Im so excited to have him back in my life a little bit! Im REALLY hoping we get to play soccer together. We have never played soccer together other than in the back yard kicking the ball at the dog kennel until it had a permanent bend in it. I was waiting until I was old enough to play in  adult leagues with him but by the time I was old enough he had moved up to Logan and we were kind of going in different directions so Im REALLY hoping to find some games we can drop in on while he is here!

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