Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happiness Day 21

Yesterday was a very fun, very happy, very tiring day. We decided that since the weather was nice and we didn't have anything else planned we would take a bike trip with the kids. So with two bikes and two bike trailers loaded up we went on an adventure. We peddled almost 20 miles through 3 cities with a  break for a picnic on the river side along the way. It was scary at times (Like when we were trying to cross 6 lanes of traffic without a crosswalk) and I wanted to just give up and quit peddling on multiple occasions  (like when the side walk disappeared and I was pulling a bike trailer up grassy hills) but it felt so good to accomplish and it was just fun to experience with my little family. However.. Im still recovering. Tired. So tired. But it feels so good. I love being physically exhausted like that.
The kids were apparently pretty tired too...

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