Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happiness Days 18 and 19

I know the point of me writing these happy moments down every day is so that I can relive them and appreciate the little things in the here and now but some days Im just too busy to sit at the computer and write them down. That being said. I do spend time, multiple times a day thinking about what I will write about, even if I don't get around to writing it until the next day. Its actually been a really good thing for me because I spend most of the day thinking things like "Oh that was fun! I will write about that!" Its helped me to just stop and recognize  the little things that make me smile and feel good about life.
Yesterdays happy moment was this.. I was having a mean mom day. I was being totally grumpy and yelling... a lot.  In a pathetic attempt to reboot I turned on the tv and told my kids I just needed a few minutes by myself. I slipped away (With the baby of course)  up to my room and just sat... quietly and tried to get a hold of my frustration and stop feeling bad for myself.
My kids don't watch a ton of tv (although if we are being honest they have had more than their fair share since we have been in Illinois.) So they treasure their tv time. While I was sitting in my room fighting a battle with myself my kids were downstairs watching Tom and Jerry (which is hands down their favorite right now) and I heard it... the best noise in the world. Full on belly laughs from my two oldest children. That noise is like magic. I don't know a person that can hear that kind of a laugh from a little kid and not smile or laugh themselves. Im so grateful my kids are resilient and forgiving of me and my mean mom days.
Later that night I gave up on all the things I "needed" to do and just sat on the couch and watched them as they played the classic drag-each-other-around-on-a-blanket game. They giggled and giggled and got a little out of control but I was able to just enjoy it and revel in the magic that is children's laughter.
 The fact that we were all hopped up on chocolate might have helped me relax a little too :)

Todays moment was this... I guess it wasn't actually today but in the last 24 hours... We signed on our house in Payson! Woot Woot! That in and of itself is a very happy thing. We no longer have to pay a mortgage on top of rent. But in order to get all the papers signed and notarized and then sent back in time, I had to drive out to Andrews work to do the signing. This was great because we got to see dad, go to lunch with him AND there was a train on the tracks that are literally feet from Dads office. We got very up-close and very personal with a real life train. And we even found our own rail road spikes or "Spikey tracks" as Pep would say and the kids got to bring them home as souvenirs. The fact that I made the trip on the crazy freeways and didn't die was also a happy moment!

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