Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happiness day 4

AnDee wasn't the only one who was saving her money. Pep was working hard (sometimes) to earn a few bucks himself. Bet you can't guess what he was saving for?! A train! Weird I know. Its not like he doesn't have 100's of them or he doesn't obsess over them. In reality I actually love that he loves trains cause I love them too. When I was a kid I always wanted to either be a vet or a train conductor... I still want to be both of those things. Who am I kidding?
So I got to take the little man on a date last night which is always fun. Its so enjoyable to have one on one time with your kids where you can just listen to them and focus on all the cute and amazing things they do and say. He talked my ear off but since he was the only one I had to pay attention to I loved it instead of feeling overwhelmed by it. He is clever and smart and funny and a total tease.
It was a blast to just hang out with him and watch him explore all the toys/trains at the toy store. He seriously is the coolest kid ever!
He was a little confused by the whole money thing. He put his little bag of money up on the counter but on his way out he said "Oh mom! Wheres my money?!" so I explained that we had to give it to the store so that we could have the train. To which he replied "yeah.. but where is my money?" I don't think he quite gets it but he quickly forgot about the money and zeroed in on the train.
The train has already ran down one set of batteries. It is loved.
And yes... he has been wearing his engineer hat and pants all day. He makes me happy.

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