Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happiness Day7

 So yesterday was kind of crazy. Not because we actually did anything but because the kids have been sick and Isaac hardly lets me put him down. That and I was trying for all I was worth to watch conference, at which I was somewhat successful. The day wasn't a bad day by any means. Andrew was super spoiled and went to a cubs game. Not that Im a baseball fan or anything but I always get slightly (and secretly) jealous when he gets to do those kinds of things. The weather was warm enough to go outside for a bit (even with being sick) and it was a nice escape from the house for a few minutes. However I didn't get the chance to write about my happy moment for the day so here it is...
The moment I want to write about though, was a very selfish moment. Im kind of embarrassed to be writing about it for some reason. Like if I do something that makes me happy its not ok. For some reason I feel like ALL of my happy moments have to come from my kids or my husband but I was selfish yesterday...
I was invited to go running with a group of women in our ward. I wasn't sure I wanted to go because I am not a runner and they wanted me to get up at 7 AM! I know 7 isn't that early but like I said, my kids have been sick and as most of you know... when your kids are sick you don't get to sleep much. However I did drag myself out of bed and went out into the freezing (but sunny!) weather.
IT FELT SO GOOD! We ran 6 miles on this awesome little trail that winds through a prairie. I was scared about the distance at first because... well because I hate running if we are being honest and it has literally been years since I just went for a 6 mile run. But I did it! I actually think I could have kept going for quite some time. It was probably just some weird adrenaline reaction or something but I was ready for more! I even got to have some adult conversation with some real life adult women! And as a bonus one of the ladies brought her dog. I know its dumb but I miss my dogs (and animals in general) like mad! I loved it! It was selfish but I loved it and I hope I get to do it again.

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