Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happiness Day 10

We had a BIG moment this morning. AnDee and her dad made a deal. If she passed off all 27 of the books from her first set of books that she is learning to read from, he would buy her a bike. And guess what?! She did it! She passed her last book of flawlessly this morning! Im so proud of her! She is just too darn smart and too darn cute.

In other happy news...
Andrew spoiled me (again) and bought me new running shoes! I have an old soccer injury in my left foot and my old shoes were irritating it which was making running even less fun than it usually is ;) Andrew is pretty much the best and took me out yesterday to a real life running store (never been to one) and they fitted me for these babies! I ran with them this morning and the pain is gone! Its like a miracle!

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