Friday, April 4, 2014

Happiness Day 6

So my kids fight. Its hard to believe I know but its true. This is not what my happy moment for the last 24 hours is. Although there was fighting. There was also playing and giggling and being best friends.
Joseph and Ike have developed an awesome friendship lately. They love to chase and growl at each other and then giggle and giggle like its the most hilarious thing that has ever happened. Ever.
My happy moment from the last 24 hours was just listening from another room to little boy giggles for hours. They have really started to love playing together now that Ike is getting a bit bigger. Ike especially loves to wait for Pep to lie on the ground and then he will promptly walk straight up to him, turn around and sit directly on his face. Which of course causes another round of hysterical laughter. It is the best sound ever and it makes me extremely happy.

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  1. Chris and I just had a "discussion" (trying to have an argument while living with your parents is really awkward!) about my outlook on life and it sounds exactly like yours. I keep thinking as soon as we move then life will be better which is dumb because there is nothing wrong with life now. Thanks for posting all of this so I can copy you and not annoy my husband anymore!