Monday, April 7, 2014

Happiness Day 8

Im playing catch up I guess. So here is yesterdays happy moment.
Do you ever sit down to watch conference and hear EXACTLY what you need to hear? I did. As distracting as it is to have sick and whining children doing anything they can to turn your attention to them, I somehow managed to hear the one message I needed to. Im sure there was a lot that I missed. Lucky for me we recorded it so for the next few days I will dig in to that while kids are (hopefully) napping.
The massage I received was essentially this "quite worrying about all the things you feel like you "need" or "have" to do because the only things that NEED to be accomplished in our home are daily family prayer, daily family scripture study and weekly family home evening."
For some reason I struggle with these things. I pray with my children every day and we usually have a family prayer at the dinner table but we don't always kneel down together as a family and pray and usually we do our scripture study while Andrew is at work so he misses out. And if Im being honest... FHE is a rare thing in our home. I get SO wrapped up in cleaning and exercising and getting everything I "need" to do done. I have been battling with this for a long time now because I don't want to miss anything with my kids. I hate my phone cause its distracting and consuming and makes me miss little moments with my kids that wouldn't be missed if I had more self control. It was good to hear church leadership just lay it out for me when it comes to what I need to be focusing on in my home. I don't NEED to clean the kitchen but I do NEED to make sure my family is completely grounded in the simple but profoundly important gospel principles. It is always a happy moment when you hear the exact message that you need to hear. It makes you truly realize that God knows you.

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