Monday, March 31, 2014

Happiness day 2

In the last 24 hours I have had a TON of happy moments...

See that? That is the sun and while the picture seems a little hazy this is a rare sight around here. (we are hopeful it will become less rare) Yesterday the sun came out and it was warm enough to go OUTSIDE with just a jacket. AMAZING!
We took a walk to a park that is just a couple of blocks from us. IT IS HUGE! Complete with a pond that you can fish for bass and cats in (we are pretty excited about this) We played in sand, went down slides, swung on swings, ran and ran and ran, threw rocks in the pond and we even did a little service for the day and picked up some of the garbage that had accumulated around the pond this winter.
On our walk there we were listening to the birds and we could hear two birds singing to each other. It was the coolest song I think I have ever heard from a bird so we started looking in the trees to see if we could find the singers. Guess what it was? Cardinals! Real life ones! It was pretty stinking cool.

On our way home AnDee started noticing all the nests in the trees. Im not usually one to disrupt things but we found this little tiny nest on a branch just above our heads and I couldn't resist letting my kids see one up close. Andrew lifted AnDee up to peak inside first and when we were sure there weren't any eggs in it she gently lifted it up and out. Pep was totally fascinated and started to put all sorts of "eggs" in it (i.e. rocks, pine cones and other somewhat round objects)
I think the happiest part of the day though was this...

Best dad ever. He was just joking and playing and making it the funnest thing ever for the kids. They couldn't be more happy than they are when daddy is acting silly and playing with them. Im super lucky to have a husband who loves life and loves to have fun and enjoy his family. I wish my attitude was more like his. He just makes the choice to be happy and he is! Its amazing. I want that.

We had one other happy moment yesterday.... On our way back  to our house Andrew decided to stop and get our mail since it had been a few days and our mailbox was filling up and guess what finally came?
His diploma! Yay! So now it is officially official. He has a bachelors in business and he managed to keep his gpa ABOVE a 3.7 and make the deans list every semester. (I know he doesn't look really happy in the picture but thats only because he has a disorder where he cannot smile or make a normal face in any picture... ever. At least not if he has any control over it. Sometimes I can sneak a picture when he doesn't realize it) He is incredible. Seriously... Im glad it was him and not me cause I would have failed miserably.

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