Thursday, March 6, 2014

How Did This Happen?!

How did this....

Turn in to this?
We celebrated Ike's first birthday on the 22nd and if Im being honest it kinda broke my heart. I am in no way prepared for this baby to be growing up. The last year or so has been insanely busy and the first year of this little mans life has flown by even more quickly than the others. (which was way too quick)
The little champ is not only an expert walker now but is on the verge of full on running. He won't stay out of the toilets (or off of them as you can see above) Putting the lids down is not enough. He just opens them and goes diving. We have to make sure the doors are shut and latched cause he is persistent. He likes to open all the drawers and cupboards and pull everything out. I know this is typical toddler stuff but my other two weren't nearly as mischievous as this one. He loves music and loves to dance especially to big band or jazz music. He talks constantly and his only volume level is 'extremely loud' He still gives the best hugs and has figured out that when he can hear the garage door open it means that Dad is home so he runs to the door and waits to give him loves the second he walks in. He has 7 teeth now. 4 on top and 3 on bottom. He has a big bum and fits in size 5 diapers. He hates the car seat but tries so so hard to be patient about it. He loves to unroll the toilet paper and drag it through the house. He knows that if he screams at his sibling they will most likely get in to some kind of trouble so now he screams every time Pep gets near him. He is a picky eater but its weird picky. He won't eat a banana but if you give him artichokes he is about as happy as he can be. He is the coolest and sweetest baby ever. We All just adore him.
For his birthday we just did a very low key little celebration at our house with just our little family. I made ice cream cone cup cakes. (and can I just say that was a genius idea on my part?! Seriously, they were easy for him to hold and way less messy. Plus they are super cool. I remember thinking they were the best invention ever when I was a kid.) We sang happy birthday, ate an intense amount of sugar and then opened presents. When we gave him his cupcake he just sat and stared back and forth between us and the cupcake for a minute. He knew something wasn't right. He never gets that much undivided attention and he never gets sugary treats. I think he was suspicious that we were going to give him away or something but then her realized that sugar is amazing and he forgot about it.

He enjoyed opening his presents (Which of course his siblings HAD to help with) but surprisingly he like playing with the presents even more than opening them.
It was such a fun day. We are so lucky to have this little guy in our lives!

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