Wednesday, February 19, 2014


As you have gathered by now, its much much colder here than we had expected. My kids and I don't do well when we can't get outside so when it warmed up to about 16-17 degrees we bundled up and went outside to get some fresh air. Ike only lasted a few minutes and ended up back inside with Dad. We wanted desperately to build a snowman but apparently when its too cold the snow won't stick together. Who knew? So after our failed attempts to build a snowman we gave up and went for a walk around our little complex. We threw "snowballs" (which were actually just handfuls of powder) at each other, made a train and made shapes in the snow with our footprints and left our butt prints on every bench in the area. We did lots of running and tackling and giggling. It really was super fun. Not just for the kids but for me too. It felt so good to get out in the fresh air. 

 P.S. Ike is wearing (and mostly fitting in) the snow clothes/clothes that Pep wore when he was almost 2. I think we might have a giant on our hands... or a dwarf, depending on how you see it.

When I pointed out to Pep that there was a piece of ice stuck to his scarf his reply was "Yeah! I know! I put it there!" and then he licked it.

Yesterday we were surprised when it was ABOVE 20 degrees at only 10 AM! We put Ike down for a little nap and went out and guess what? The snow was warmed up enough that it was sticking! We made a killer snowman and a wicked snow "nest". I sadly had to come back in the house when Ike woke up but the kids stayed out until lunch time at which point it was so warm some of the snow was melting and by the time naps were over our snow man had melted to the point that he toppled over. It was a very exciting moment. 

This was the extent of Ike's playing in the snow yesterday...
He'd smash his face up on the door and we would throw snowballs at it and then he would try to catch the snow as it slid down the door. Poor kid.

The game didn't last long. He figured out really quickly that what we were doing was a lot more fun than what he was doing.


  1. You're making me glad that our house took longer to sell than we hoped and I didn't have to move somewhere colder than here in the middle of winter. I'm glad you are finally getting out but I'm seriously impressed with all of the ways you've kept your kids entertained inside. Way to be super mom!

  2. I swear to you the first two years here were no worse than Utah. But this year and last year have been horrible. I'm not sure which is the norm :/. But I feel your pain. When it got to 20-30 we got all excited and I bundled Ander up and we went on a walk. It's rediculous