Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentines Day

This year we crafted and crafted for V-day. It was too too cold and miserable to even go to the store for weeks and weeks so we stayed in and made more hearts and pink things than you can even imagine.

  We even did some naked painting

This is Buggy's creation. She had zero help. She thought  it up all on her own and she was SO proud. On Valentines Day we took her pipe cleaner bouquet and some amazingly delicious sugar cookies that we made and passed them out to everyone at Daddy's work. It was super fun and the kids got to see where dad works.

We got a package from Grandma Pam AND Gayle! It was SO exciting cause we have never lived far enough away for anyone to send us packages so it was a special event to receive TWO!

Hope your Valentines was a fun as ours!

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