Monday, February 3, 2014

Isaac Lorenzo

I feel like Ike has been cheated. I haven't kept up with whats happening with him like I have the other kids. I can't tell you how much he weighed at 6 months or an exact date of when he started to crawl. Its been a blur. Life has been way way way too crazy and Im not overly happy with the fact that I haven't written down all those little things.

I can tell  you however that he did start crawling. It was while we were at Ambers house so sometime in December. For the first little while he would only crawl if I wasn't around. If I walked in to the room he would drop down and act like he was going to die if I didn't pick him up. I was informed by everyone that he was, in fact, crawling but I didn't get to really see it for a couple of weeks cause he didn't want to give up being hauled around by me.

He now has 6 teeth. 4 on top and 2 on bottom. The last two just broke through a couple of days ago.

His favorite place to play is the bathtub but he doesn't  care all that much to actually be in the tub, he  mostly just enjoys standing on the side of the tub and leaning over to splash and soak the floor.... this enjoyment has now spread to the toilet. So. Gross. So now we have to be careful to make sure all the toilet lids are down.

He says a few words if you listen really closely. He says mama... which he has for a long time now but now its actually in reference to me. He say "yeah" and "ow" (something he learned form watching his brother and cousin Gracey play a game in which they threw themselves on the floor and yelled "ow!" and then laughed like it was the best joke they had ever heard)

He HATES baby food.  LOVES solids but if its all ground up and mushy there is no way on this earth you are going to get him to eat it. He won't even take most things cut up. It has to be whole and in complete choking hazard form or he doesn't want it. He also hates being fed. He can do it himself!

He walks. Yup. He WALKS. He is still pretty unsteady and doesn't venture out on his own much but when he knows someone will be there to catch him he goes for it and really does quite well. He will be running in no time. At 11 months he is the oldest of my kids to start walking but it snuck up on me none the less. I love it when my kids walk. It makes them happy which makes me happy and everyone else happy but Im not ready for this baby to grow up. I feel like things just need to slow down so that I can just enjoy him being a baby. I feel like his infancy slipped right through my fingers.

He is a tease... He likes to hold something out that he knows someone else would want (toys, food ect) like he's gonna give it to you and then when you reach for it he pulls it back and laughs right in your face.

He loves to be chased. He will sneak to the stairs (He knows he is not supposed to play on the stairs) and look back smiling and as soon as you walk toward him he will squeal a little and take off up the stairs as fast as he can laughing all the way. He loves to get in his walker on the hard wood floor and try to taunt his siblings in to chasing him.

AnDee is his biggest protector. He knows that if mom is distracted or busy, he can always go to her for attention. Im am guilty of letting her take care of him WAY too often. She is just such a good mama to him and they truly adore each other.
(She even lets him biter he when he is teething. )

He is a dancer and a singer. He loves to karaoke and does a little bum dance every time he hears music.

He claps and kicks his legs like crazy whenever he gets excited.

His favorite food right now is cheese and he HATES wearing shoes. You know all those videos you see of people putting shoes on their dogs and then the dogs walk all crazy like? Yeah... thats my son when we put shoes on him. He thinks its hilarious while we are in the process of putting them on but once they are on they suddenly become a foreign object that make his feet and legs lose all control

His daddy teases him about his big ears constantly but he just smiles because he knows that in reality they are really cute and that he got those big ears from his dad.
(Andrew thought it was pretty funny that you could see the light glowing through his ears)

He is still such a cuddler. Every time I pick him up he gives me a hug like he hasn't seen me in ages and doesn't ever want to let go. It is THE BEST. The end

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  1. I love this! And love that you have a computer again and are blogging!! Hooray! :)