Sunday, February 2, 2014

Baby its Cold Outside

You know how everyone talks about how cold Chicago gets in the winters? Turns out the rumors are true.... Actually if we are being honest, everyone I have talked to has said this is hands down the worst winter they have ever seen here. Regardless, It. Is. Cold. Oh my gosh is it cold! My children cry as we run to and from the car on the rare occasion that we actually go out. Im not exaggerating when I say I got a full blown brain freeze from walking to my car from Walmart. It has been brutal. If you know me, you know I like to be outside. I depend on going outside to keep my spirits up and my children's spirits up. We have been doing our best to find things to do in the house but if we are being totally honest, we fight A LOT and whine A LOT and its really starting to wear on all of us. We are praying for a break in the weather but its not looking real hopeful at the moment.
On the bright side we have found some fun new activities that we probably never would have tried had we not been trapped for so long.
 Notice that the HIGH is NEGATIVE ELEVEN...
However... do you see fridays temp? That was a gift from the Heavens. That was the one and only time we actually got outside. We went for a little walk around our neighborhood. Every house we would walk by Pep would say "Look! Its our house!" because yes... every house looks exactly the same.

We have been baking

And playing with cornstarch and water and baking soda and vinegar

We discovered the joy of stacking bubbles and making "bubble snowmen"

We have read...  A TON

We have comforted each other when time outs were just too hard to bare

We got the flu. Yippy?

We went and visited the puppies at the pet store (it was worth the horrific run to and from the car... I think)

We have been making easter egg caterpillars... or just any crafty thing we can find the stuff to make
We have been building (AnDee)

and destroying (Pep)

We made the coolest slide on our stairs from moving boxes

We have also been feeding the bunnies on our front porch and watching birds out the windows. We even saw a real life cardinal! That was pretty neat. 
Its been rough but we are making it through and we are praying that spring will come just a little early this year.


  1. I hear ya! This year (and last year) has been horrible! So, so cold. I get real excited when it gets in the twenties. Which is once like every two week. Sheesh!

  2. Kristi and I stole the slide idea. It's awesome and we no longer have stairs in our house. Makes sending the dirty laundry down super easy. Not so much on the coming up part though!