Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dyl Slept in a Box

All the beds were taken so Dyl was sleeping on a cot. As fate would have it,  the cot wasn't very comfortable and our living room tends to get exponentially colder than the rest of the house.
AnDee had made a fort in one of the giant boxes left over from the move. When I came down the stairs in the morning, this is what I found.

Turns out the homeless know what they are doing. He slept much better in the box than he did on the cot.

We had one more day before Grandma and Jake had to fly home and then Dyl had to head out the next night so we decided to head downtown and see a few of the sights. It was too cold to do any of the outside stuff but we did drive by "the bean" and stopped at the giant two story McDonalds downtown for lunch. Then we headed over to Shedd aquarium... which is really quite incredible. they even have sharks and beluga whales! We got to see a 3D movie (the seats rumbled and the dinosaur actually sneezed on us! It was totally gross and yet totally awesome) AND the dolphin show! Of course AnDee was mesmerized by the dolphins. They also had a seal that did tricks and some of the belugas too! SO FUN.

Ike got a little slap happy in the car. I think he was beyond crying cause he had just spent 4 days in a car and knew it wouldn't do him any good so he just got really goofy instead.

3D movie

 Before the dolphin show....
 My eyes are puffy from the lack of sleep and amount of stress but at least Im trying to fake it. Pep just looks like he wants to die.
 AnDee falling in love with the dolphins.
 Pep passed out. The look of death was justified... he was beat.
 City lights

The next day we had to say goodbye to Grandma and Jake (Which I didn't get one stinking picture of) They both worked their guts out to help us get organized and unpacked before they left. We owe them big time.

The night before Dylan left we were sitting in the living room and all of the sudden Dylan just got up and grabbed Ike and asked the other two to come upstairs with him. He could see how tired and worn out both Andrew and I were so he took them up, put them in their bed and read stories to them. This kid gonna be an incredible dad one day. We sure do miss him.

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  1. Did you know your blog immediately got ten times more cooler!

    Kira's blog has always been one of my favs because it's just different when you don't live here where we all grew up. Now yours will be equally awesome and I'm seriously so excited to see and hear about all of the new experiences you have.

    As for us, if all goes as planned we should be moving to Ennis, Montana the end of April. I'm lucky and still have mountains to navigate by and hopefully won't get lost since the population is only 800 people.