Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Temple Square

On Christmas day we decided to make the most of the evening and head up to temple square. We had done this once before on Christmas and loved it. There is hardly anyone there and it is just quiet and peaceful and has an incredible spirit about it.
We talked Dave and Dyl in to coming with us and thank goodness we did. We haven't had that much fun in ages. My kids were running and jumping and being thrown around and giggling like you wouldn't believe. Pep kept falling over but he was in his snow get-up so he was padded nicely. At one point he jumped off a little bench and some how belly flopped completely. I couldn't stop laughing, especially after he had slipped on ice a few times and had been completely leveled by AnDee (we are talking they just ran straight in to each other and AnDee won and ended up on top. I was bracing myself for a total melt down but Pep's response was exactly what you would expect.... a growl of intense anger. Have you ever seen Water  Boy? If you have you know what Im talking about) When Pep saw that everyone thought it was funny, he of course started falling on purpose. We were on our way back to the car I couldn't get him to stay on his feet. Every two seconds he was flopping on the ground. So I was really mature and pulled the "Fine! Im leaving! See ya later!"... which back fired.
He lay there on the ground yelling "HELP! HELP!" to every person he saw and when they wouldn't look at him he would say "Hey!!! Im over here! Help me!".... He didn't get these kinds of things from me. I was FAR too shy to do something like that. I blame Andrew for it. However... its stinking funny and I hope he is always like that.

Andrew always tries so hard to look really nice in our family photos

Do you see the look of pure joy on my sons face?

Jumping fools

"HELP! HELP! Im over here! HELP!"

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  1. I love Temple Square on Christmas day. We've done that twice and it really is the best day to go.

    I'm also dieing at the water boy comment. I think it highly appropriate you have an Adam Sandler child!