Tuesday, January 28, 2014


A month late. Thats not so bad considering everything.
We FINALLY got a computer!! Wahoo! (I did the last post on the iPad. Lets just say it was less than easy.)
Christmas was crazy. We spent some major time contemplating how we were going to do it. Amber had invited us to join their family, Pam had asked if we wanted to spend the night at her house and do it with them there, or we could do our own little gift exchange up in our own room and then join everyone else. The last is definitely more our style. We like to have our own little quiet family time on Christmas mornings but considering the circumstances. (Us moving away and all) we decided to let the kids experience a big crazy Christmas with their cousins. Its something that may not ever happen again... or at least will be a very rare thing.
I had to set an alarm for my family so we could get up at the same time as Ambers kids. My kids like sleep. Not only that but I don't think they know that they are "supposed" to wake up SUPER early and be all crazy and excited. Its something we are trying to keep a secret for as long as possible. (speaking of which... Ike slept through the entire thing. Not so much as a noise came out of him until well after presents were opened and breakfast was being cooked) It was so fun that they got to get in a little huddle with their cousins and walk in to the living room together.
We tried to keep things simple this year. We didn't need any more to worry about packing up so we tried to do mostly things that they could play in the car with on the drive out. We did get them both the things they were dying to have. Pep got a train (of course) and AnDee got jewelry and a jewelry box. I tried and tried to talk her in to something else but she wouldn't have it. All she wanted was jewelry. Ike didn't even open his presents from us until the next day. Needless to say he wasn't even bothered by that.
As soon as presents were done at Amber's we had to run over to Grandma Pam's to talk to Uncle Stevie and have some breakfast. After we got the phone with Stephen (his last Christmas away from home!) we did presents with the Naugle side. My kids were super spoiled, as always. Uncle Jake even got Pep the fishing game he was dying to have!

So here it is. Christmas in Pictures...

We did Christmas Eve dinner at Grandma Pam's. Dad turned in to a caveman and the kids got new jammies!

 We also built snowmen with uncle jake

And gingerbread houses

Christmas morning

And of course Ike was wiped out after sleeping through opening presents so he needed a nap

The kids made Jake go back out and touch up the shrinking snowmen.... My kids are stylish in their pi's and boots

AnDee looked like this for days and days

Andrew was super smart and got me a GPS for Christmas. Good thing too cause we have been here a month now and I still don't have a stinking clue as to where I am or where I am going. I need my mountains back!

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