Monday, January 20, 2014

Remember how the last time I blogged was in November? Remember how an insane amount of things have happened since then? And remember how the thought of trying to catch up on all of it is completely overwhelming to me?
I'm just going to have to take it one small step at a time, so bear with me as I attempt to slowly catch up to what is our life today.
Let us go back to November and start there... My sister Amber and her family were nice enough to offer to let us stay with them through the holidays. You see, I was being really selfish and I really didn't want to be packing up my house on Christmas Day seeing as we were scheduled to pull out the day after Christmas to head to Illinois. So a day or two before thanksgiving we loaded up and headed to Lehi. We boxed up everything (or sold or gave away or threw out) that we didn't absolutely need for daily living and stored it in their basement. It worked out perfectly. Would could just chill and enjoy the holidays and not worry about packing and unsettling our kids too much on Christmas Day.
We are so grateful for Amber and Lance and their awesome kids for putting up with us for such a long time. My kids were in heaven (most of the time... Pep had some attitude problems towards Miss Grace) with their cousins there to play with all the time and Amber spoiled me and watched my kids way too many times so I could attempt to prepare for the move. Their kids were so good with ours and Madi was ALWAYS so willing to help me out with my kids.
Here are a few pictures of the fun times we had...
We made ourselves way too comfortable...

They let us play with these...

They are called magformers and my kids spent endless hours building with them. I'm pretty sure we need some
Miss Grace was extremely helpful with Ike. If he didnt have a binki  in his mouth, it about drove her crazy.

We rough housed

We went and saw Frozen 3D. This was a big deal. We have only been to one other movie in a theater and that was when pep was a baby and Buggy was only 2. It was so much fun! Such a cute movie.

This little guy turned in to a full blown crawler... Finally...

We did lots of playing in the snow. Uncle Lance even pulled the kids behind the four wheeler. Best time of AnDee's life I think

The best part is that I knew that  I could send them out and not worry because Madi was always watching out for them and taking care of them.

We were sad to leave. We had way too much fun. Thanks Amber and fam!!


  1. Yay, you have a computer again!! Didn't know you stayed at Amber's. That's pretty cool.

  2. Your Alive!! Jk! :) Good to see you back on here! I've been thinking about you guys are your crazy move.

  3. Excited to see all of your catch ups! What did you do with your house?