Monday, November 25, 2013


We are a pretty cute family I guess. At least I think we are :)

The Girl is practically famous now. The photographer thought she was so darn cute she put her up as logo for her blog.
She is one stinking cute little lady and oddly photogenic. Its only odd because her parents are so NOT photogenic.

Pep would NOT smile. Like absolutely refused. Most of the picture taking time went like this...
Photographer: "Joseph, can you smile?"
Pep: "No"
Photographer: "Pep! Can you look over here at my pet alligator (a puppet that all the other kids loved) and smile at him?!"
Pep: "I don't want to"
I wish you could have heard his voice. So monotone. No emotion whatsoever.

We put him on the tractor. At which point we got a few very reserved smiles but smiles none the less. 
Ike however was nothing but smiles. He laughed and giggled and grinned the entire time. I swear this boy really is the best baby ever.

The Naugle cousins
And one of just the boys


  1. Oh, these are so dang cute! You look fantastic btw. And your daughter has two different colored eyes. Just thought I'd remind you if you forgot. Its not too noticeable until the picture is photo shopped to bring out her eyes. They are the coolest.

  2. I love these pictures! So cute! Kira's right... You look fatastic.

  3. I love these pictures! And you are a cute family *heart heart*