Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Halloween Time Things

This year we had a princess (of course) a train conductor and a dragon (because the dragon costume was the only one in the hand-me-down bag that fit)

They were adorable and AnDee even got to wear a little make up. This made her incredibly happy. Pep took his train conductor job extremely seriously. That kid has one heck of a poker face. Its pretty incredible actually.
Ike couldnt have cared any less about his costume... except for when we put his hood on it would fall down over his eyes which made him fairly irritated.

AnDee actually got to wear two different costumes this year cause when went to get ready for Dads work party we realized we had left her dress at Grandma's house so we improvised and came up with a ballerina costume.
 (I kept singing the fresh prince song to pep cause he kept flipping his hat up like that. Needless to say he didn't get it)

We carved some pretty sweet pumpkins this year and both boys ended up eating the pumpkins as we did so (weird. I know) but we decided that next year we are going back to old school.... triangle eyes, triangle nose and a mouth with a couple of teeth. You never see just the normal jack-o-lanterns like that anymore. And they are SO much easier!

We got to go door to door trick or treating this year for the first time ever!(for the kids anyway) We always just end up going to some dumb trunk or treat in stead but our ward didn't do one this year so we got to actually take the kids out and knock on doors. It was pretty fun. I'm glad they got the true trick or treating experience.

We played in the leaves a lot this fall. Mom and Dad were pretty lazy on the yard work so the leaves were piled up and left for weeks. The kids loved it. They swung off the swing in to them and jumped off the tramp in to them. Not to mention all the usual burying each other and throwing them at each other until there were leaves in all the places leaves shouldn't be. Its been a fun autumn, even with all the craziness of moving and what not.

 (Yes. Pep is wearing his pajamas. Mind your own business.)

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  1. AnDee looks absolutely thrilled in all these pictures. I'm sorry Pep didn't understand your Will Smith reference....but I laughed, if that makes you feel any better. :)