Wednesday, May 7, 2014


We had our very first visitors come to stay with us! (our first since the weekend we moved in anyway)
Grandma Pam and Gayle got to say with us for 5 whole days and it was a party! We mostly just hung out at home because its still pretty hard for Gayle to get around after having surgery on her knee and having a knee that is still struggling after her last surgery.
We did go to the park and took them out to Choo Choo Johny's though. They also got to watch AnDee show off at gymnastics but mostly we just played and played and played... and ate Lou Malnati's cause its incredibly delicious.
Pam and Gayle were awesome. They cooked, they cleaned (despite my objections) AND they watched the kids so Andrew and I could go on a date. The first date we have been on since we moved here 5 months ago. It was a blast having them and we were all pretty unhappy about them having to go home. On the bright side, we will be able to see them in Utah in just a few short weeks!
So here is our 5 days with two of our favorite people in the world in pictures:

 We played at the park.

 We made sidewalk paint and then sprayed it with vinegar because it had a baking soda base so it made it "bubbly"

Pep got a new bike and Grandma duct taped blocks to the peddles cause he was too short to reach them. Then she had to duct tape his feet to the blocks cause they kept slipping off.

We read books, and watched Frozen and helped Grandma work

 We modeled our new swimming suites... and Grandmas boots

We baked... and then ate the food we baked (which was incredible! Orange Cream-Sicle cupcakes and cotton candy cookies!)

We played blocks and dress up and paper-rock-scissors

and last but not least, mom and dad went on a real life date! (and yes... that is Dick Tracey behind us.)

It was so fun to have visitors! Especially these two rockin' ladies!

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