Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Sky

Have you ever heard someone say that the sky is bigger in the midwest? Well now that we can actually see the sky every once in a while I can't attest to you that it is true. It seems like the sky goes on and on forever. There are no mountains to stop it. Sometimes when we get up on a "hill" (an area that is slightly higher in elevation) I swear you can see the bend in the earth. Its like looking out over the ocean.
The sunsets and sunrises are to die for. So much color! And in the evening, when the sun sets, I swear the sun quadruples in size! I don't know how it all works but Im very serious when I say that it looks exponentially bigger when it is setting.  Im always awed by it.
When we had the missionaries over the first time it was in the dead of winter when all we saw was snow. One of the missionaries told us that he was so excited for spring because in the spring it looks like the "sky is battling" I wasn't sure what he meant until this happened...

Do you see how awesome those clouds are?! Its kind of intimidating to walk outside to that but its like art up in the sky! Its hard to get a picture that does it justice but believe me when I say it is quiet impressive.

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  1. I wanted to just "like" this. Darn FB for making me feel like I should be able to hit a like button for everything. :) The other day we were driving home at sunset and the sun was this huge orange ball in the sky surrounded by orange and pinks. It was awesome!