Monday, May 19, 2014


The last couple of weekends we have ventured out and explored a little bit. Two weekends ago we took a drive down to Starved Rock. I knew I had to go in to it realizing that I was in the midwest. This wasn't the Rockies and so I had to keep an open mind. And while it wasn't the mountains that I miss so desperately, it was beautiful! It was so refreshing to be in the outdoors (even if we had to share it with way too many other people) and we got to hang out with friends and see things we have never seen before.
We told the kids we were going hiking but "hiking" is a little different in Illinois. The entire time we were out Pep kept asking when we were going to go hiking. I kept telling him that we were in fact hiking already. He apparently disagreed. I guess I can understand since most of the uphill parts of the trail looked like this...

but we did get a slight uphill walk at times.

There wasn't a ton of water in the streams but it was pretty none the less

We got to look out over the Illinois river from way up on the rock. My kids still can't grasp the concept that a river can be that big. They were arguing with me about how it was a lake not a river.
and baby hitched a ride.

 He was perfect. No naps and never even made a noise in complaint. In fact none of the kids got naps and they were just happy and fun the entire time. The older two walked the entire thing. If we are being honest I think they are both capable of out "hiking" me.
Such a good time. I loved every minute of it.

This last weekend we went on another (much shorter) awesome adventure. We took our very first train ride in to La Grange to have dinner with some friends.  The kids didn't know what was happening. We told them we had a surprise for them. They started guessing when we pulled up but weren't completely sure where we were until we stepped on to the plat form and then they freaked. Everyone at the station was staring. The were jumping up and down ad cheering and Pep couldn't stop talking. Oh my gosh that boy can chatter! It was so fun to see them so excited. The ride was about a half hour long but it flew by. The kids were totally mesmerized buy the whole deal. We got to pass by other trains and sit on the top deck of our train. The ticket master even gave AnDee her own ticket (even though kids ride free on weekends) She was so proud. They haven't stopped talking about it since and Buggy is totally convinced that we are going to take the train in to the city for her birthday.

 While the other two were about jumping out of their skin in excitement when the train pulled up, I was pretty sure their baby brother was going to have a heart attack. The noise scared him to death. He wrapped his arms around my neck and held on for dear life all was shaking from fear. Never made a peep though. I really do have to best baby ever.

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