Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Im here again.. you know, that place where you have SO much stuff to blog about that you don't even wanna start? But Im feeling the need to start digging out of my hole. So bear with me as I take this one tiny baby step at a time...

Summer finally arrived! Things started heating up and we needed some cooling down. It started with a mixing bowl, a hose and a couple of squirt guns...

Which really was a lot of fun. But I broke down and purchased a $10 kiddie pool from walmart and we pretty much became the coolest kids in the neighborhood.

Plus, Ike looks like a duck whenever he plays in it which is pretty much a win in my book.

In other news... Buggy decided that an ink pad could double as eye shadow.

Isn't it lovely? The first pic is of her reaction to me telling her that it might not come off. Luckily it did wash off fairly easily.

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