Monday, June 16, 2014

Medieval Times

We splurged a while back and took the kids to Midieval Times. It was super fun and entertaining. I remember going there as a kid and LOVING it. As an adult its not quite as magical but it is impressive on a different level. There really is a lot of skill that goes into it and the horses are absolutely incredible. Plus... who doesn't like watching a bunch of grown men play dress up and sword fight?!

 AnDee was super excited. Our knight was the red knight. He was pretty good but in the end he fell to the green knight. It was a sad moment. But before that happened he had a chance to present a flower to AnDee and impress us by winning the jousting competition.

We ate good food with our hands and we cheered and just had a good time. Ike mostly just chilled and drank a whole lotta watered down apple juice. He wasn't quite as excited about the whole deal as the other two were but he didn't complain.

When they did the jousting competition they dropped nets down in front of the audience because they actually do joust with wooden jousts that splinter and break and the wood goes flying everywhere. When the nets came down Pep panicked a little. He looked up at his dad with concern "Dad!? why are we trapped?!!!"

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