Wednesday, July 2, 2014

She's 5

Lets throw it back to about a month ago. To when this girl...

Turned 5!
 I know what you are thinking... "How did this happen?! She can't possibly be that old!"
But much to my dismay, the little lady is growing up. And much too quickly.
I would like to put in to words how much this little Buggy girl means to me but it would be beyond impossible. So in an attempt to make it a little more simple I will give you five words to describe my bff
1. Intelligent (Like scary smart)
2. Kind (Has the most tender heart and is always looking out for others, especially her brothers)
3. Forgiving (Sometimes Im not a great mom to her. I tend to be extremely hard on her and she has heard WAY to many lectures for a girl her age but she loves me anyway and never hesitates to forgive and forget)
4. Funny. (I can't believe the stuff she comes up  with and it is legitimately funny. She is witty and clever and it makes me proud)
5. Gorgeous ( I hate to make looks a priority. In reality they are not a priority at all but you can't deny beauty when you see it. She is SO unique with her different colored eyes and her freckled yet somehow tan skin. She doesn't appreciate her uniqueness now. But Im hoping that as she grows she will see how absolutely gorgeous she is and that uniqueness is something to embrace, not to be ashamed of. She has it in her head that she needs to have blond hair and blue eyes to be pretty but her beauty comes straight from her Heavenly Father and it amazes me)

Her birthday was kind of a big deal this year. Dave flew out from Utah a couple of days before so we of course had to treat him to some Lou Malniti's pizza!
  They restaurant even had a pic of Dave on the menu!! (Which is sideways cause Im too lazy to turn it)

For months before her birthday came around she was telling us how she wanted to go to the big ferris wheel in Chicago and so... we ventured in to the city on her birthday (By train of course)

We walked from Union Station to Navy Pier so we (of course) had to stop and do some of the touristy stuff along the way. Our first stop was Willis Tower. Which AnDee loved... and it didn't scare me at all to stand on the glass floor that had just cracked the day before.
I had to take a picture of Dave taking a selfie so he could see how ridiculous he looked. All the Asian people had selfie sticks (weird stick things that you can hook your phone on the end of)  that they carried with them. It made taking selfies SO much cooler :)
  See!! She LOVED it!!!

  and again... not scared at all. Look at how happy I am!

Next stop was the fountains and then the bean!

and then we trekked the rest of the way to Navy Pier and FINALLY reached the ferris wheel that AnDee had been waiting months and months to ride!
Our family pictures are always a joy to look at...

 After we were all partied out and got some food in our tummies we caught a cab, (our very first) smashed our family in the back and headed back to the train station.  It really was such fun day and we always enjoy the city. 

As always the birthday was a bitter sweet one for me. Cant she just stay little? Im seriously so proud of who she is becoming though and so eternally grateful that she is mine. Happy Birthday Miss AnDee Lew!!! WE LOVE YOU!


  1. So fun! I've never been up to the top of Willis tower! I've seen it from the bottom but not the top! Pretty awesome adventure :) And 5 years old is a killer. It hard every year as my kids get older, but always so fun when they learn to do new things they couldn't when they were younger. :)

  2. You're pictures are making me freak out. There is no way I'd go to the top of that thing. And I personally love your family pictures. It makes me feel like my family isn't as "special" as I think we are after we try and take pictures. And yes like every year I'm anxiously awaiting your Gorge post!