Monday, July 14, 2014

La Grange Parade

This is the last post I have to catch up on before I get started on all the Utah posts I have to catch up on. Hooray??
The day after AnDee's birthday we jumped back on the train and headed over to meet some friends in La Grange for their parade.
 The kids enjoyed it for about a half an hour...
Ike definitely had the best seat in the house. The rest of us were sweating in the sun.

AnDee especially liked it when the fire truck honked its horn.. hehe

and then this happened...

This "little" girl (who was young yes.. but little? no) stood DIRECTLY in front of my children and stole every piece of candy that was thrown our way. The people to the sides of us started taking pity and offered us some of their candy since Violet Beauregarde was stealing all of ours.  When its that hot,  and you aren't getting any candy.... its just not worth it. Parades aren't that fun. So we left early and went to the ice cream shop before the crowds got there.

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