Thursday, July 17, 2014

Utah Part 1

We were super lucky to have Dave fly out to Utah with us. And by "we" I actually mean I. I was super lucky to have Dave's help. The actual plane ride was easy peasy. It was getting through security and getting everyone fed and to the bathrooms and blah blah blah that I would have REALLY struggled with without him.
The kids all did great on the flight. In fact, Dave even got to sleep for  most of the flight cause they were angels and I honestly didn't even need any help.
Yes... I bribed them with iPads. Don't judge.

Grandma Pam picked us up from the airport and after dropping our stuff off at Nana and Papa's house we headed up to Grandma Pam's for a birthday bbq for Aunt Amy and AnDee. The kids were super excited to see their cousins and all the animals they had been missing so badly.

We sure do miss our puppies.

 Wyatt's pony had a baby while we were there (not that same day but while we were in Utah). The kids (especially Pep) were in love.

Later that evening Aunt Amber, Uncle Jason and their families came to play! Being reunited with these cousins was like a dream come true!

For the first few days it was pretty quiet. I got to go running up on the canal path and play soccer a couple of times with my friends (which I had been DYING to do)

We spent a lot of time at Aunt Gayle's house and with Grandma Pam.

And got to play hide and seek with Dave (which is always a good time)

So relaxing and fun but we sure were missing Andrew badly. None of us were adjusting well to not having dad around.

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