Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Utah part 2

Nanny and Papa came home. It was exciting and overwhelming and there were even a few tears shed. (Which is odd only because my family is generally incapable of showing emotion)
My dad really wanted to surprise the grandkids so we lied to all of them and told them we were just getting together to celebrate all the summer birthdays in our family. No sooner had to party started than guess who walked in?!
The older girls (mostly Madi and Sage) were the cutest. Jaws dropped and then tears streaming down their cheeks. SO cute.
My kids were mostly overwhelmed. AnDee remembered my parents fairly well but Im pretty sure Pep just thought they lived in our computer (FaceTime) and Ike just had no clue. Isaac was born about a month after they left for Hong Kong so this was a special meeting for them.

They of course came bearing gifts. All the girl cousins got these awesome little Kimono dresses and the boys got a dragon t-shirt and a hat. Ike got some sweet p.j's that look like traditional Chinese clothes.

We sure missed them and we were so happy we got to stay at their house and spend some good time with them. It didn't take long for the kids to warm right up and things were back to normal.

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