Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Utah part 3

Cousins. We love cousins. Therefore we spent as much time as possible with them. We went swimming, hiking up to the crystal pits, horse riding, on walks, caught snakes, went to rodeos and just played and played and PLAYED. BEST. TRIP. EVER!
We even got invited to Brigham's very elite birthday party where we got to ride four wheelers, eat donuts and hot dogs and get very very dirty.
Prepare yourself for a picture overload cause showing you is so much easier than telling you.

 As you can see... AnDee was really comfortable holding this cute little fella
 and in all seriousness Pep really was completely comfortable holding him.
Sometimes when we are with Ambers family AnDee forgets who her mother is. I guess Amber and I kind of look alike but not enough for her to be this confused...
 Rodeo time!


The rodeo was a real hit until the very end when they did the fireworks. Both of my older children were hysterical. Crying, shaking... full on panicking. Ike sure liked them though!

The birthday party. Brigs sure does know how to throw one rockin party..

We were grateful that Brigham was so prepared. We didn't bring any jackets but he brought 4. Good thing too cause it was a little chilly. Ike's jacket was slightly large but it did the job.

You know it was a good party when the drive home looks like this...

Also, while on this trip I discovered that my cute "little" nieces and nephew are not so little anymore. They sat on the couches and played on there phones every time we got together. Freaks me out to actually witness the teenage behavior.

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