Thursday, May 17, 2012


I know its only day three but Im already breaking (my own) rules. Im suppose to be posting a pic of each kid... well that didn't happen this morning.
these are the only pics I got this morning.
Now I know you're thinking... so what? Its an egg in a frying pan. But what you don't know is that that frying pan is a mini frying pan. Normally I can only fit two chicken eggs in it. THAT is a quail egg my friends. Look how cute it is!

Next to a chicken egg you get a better idea of how little it really is. AnDee's "cheep cheeps" Started laying this week! She just adores her cheep cheeps. She checks on them every day and makes sure they have food and water and she gathers the eggs. It so fun having something that is her own to care for. Pep likes the cheep cheeps as well but once he decides there is no way to get in to the cage, he quickly gets distracted  by the mini four-wheelers my parents have parked behind it. That boy and his fascination with anything with a motor and wheels.

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