Saturday, May 26, 2012


AnDee and Pep have an Aunt (Aunt Amy) who teaches Zumba and while I have zero interest in dancing.. only because I have no ability to dance, AnDee makes up for my lack of enthusiasm. She LOVES to dance.
And so when Aunt Amy went to teach Zumba to the kids at Grandma Pams school AnDee got to tag along. I don't think I have seen her that happy in a while. Aunt Amy even let her come up on stage with her. She didn't even blink an eye at it. I am starting to wonder if the girl got an ounce of my genetics because you would be hard pressed to get me up on a stage and dancing in front of people now... but when I was three, there wouldn't have been a chance in this world you could have pried me from my mothers side.
AnDee however, was stunning and as always very capable.

After a long two weeks (almost... he was home for a couple days in between) of Daddy being away, he finally made his return!
The boy loves his Dad. He also loves sunglasses so the combination of the two was irresistible to him. He just kept saying "Dadadadadadada" over and over. Its so nice to have him home. Mom needed the back up and the kids just needed some Dad time, complete with wrestling and forts in the living room. 

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