Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Mortal Memory... or the lack thereof

Do you know why it is so scary that our kids grow up so fast? Its because we forget... we forget the sound of their little giggles and the jibber jabber they carry on so constantly. We forget how they tuck their head down, scrunch their shoulders up and lean when they are trying their best to run. We forget how they point their toes so dainty like and spin circles while dancing like princesses. How they were in complete awe the first time they spotted an airplane out of the sky and have since been scanning the sky for flying creatures. We forget how big they honestly think they are when in our eyes they are so tiny. And how it feels to snuggle  and rock them to sleep or when they crawl in bed next to you in the middle of the night. We forget how it breaks their hearts when we tell them that something they did might make Jesus feel sad. And how squishy their little baby fingers are. We forget the joy they find in simple things like running or jumping or singing. We forget the words to all the millions of songs they make up as they sing all day long. And how they scraped their nose up after tripping over a rock because they would NEVER drop all the flowers they had been picking while hiking. Or how they cry for each other when they know the other is upset or hurt. We forget the way they tease when they are so little you would never believe they are already that clever. We forget how helpful they are and how funny, how sweet and how grumpy, how giving, how innocent, how loving, how easily frightened and how dependent. And even though we write these things down and take pictures... we will never REALLY truly remember them exactly how it was. I sincerely hope that God gives all those memories back to me when I reach the other side.


  1. Amen. This is why I'm going to have a bizzillion kids. Fox is already getting to old and I'm totally missing that baby stage. If only they'd stay little a little while longer.

  2. I'm going to copy and paste this right now. Its awesome! I'm with kira...i want lots of kids because i always want a baby! Thanks for this!