Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Im a thief of ideas.

So Im stealing my friend Jessica's idea to post a pic a day for a month. I know Im probably kidding myself and this will never happen especially while we are trying to pack up and move but Im going to pretend I still think it can happen.
I am however, adding a little bit of my own idea to it... I plan on posting at least one pic of both my kids from the day (or maybe the day before?) that I post it. So this is me, diving in to this challenge.

Pep loves him some puppies! He is still in love with our dogs. He is constantly climbing on them and loving them and his new favorite word is "puppy" and when I say word, I actually mean sign cause he can't say it yet but he walks around signing "puppy" all day... Im pretty sure that any animal qualifies as a puppy in his book though.

AnDee has gone crazy with this being a good big sister thing lately. The last few days she wants to help Pep do everything. I often see her dragging him around by the hand with him screaming at her the entire time. If I tell her to stop though... it breaks her heart. But at least she is being helpful instead of mean. Right?

Hi,  my name is AnDee and Im a climb-aholic.
Seriously though... She has been climbing to the top of the swing set since before she turned 2. Scary.

This pic isn't from today but this is her new hobby, it has replaced gymnastics and I simply can not believe how good she is. Definitely takes after her dad. 
The first time we took her to the quarry she climbed to the very top 8 times in a row. Like NO break in between, just up and down and up and down. Then she went upstairs to boulder and climbed halfway up and then went sideways all the way across the wall. I wish I could be like her.


  1. I'm glad you are going to try and do the challenge too! Later on we can go back and read it and revel in our coolness. Except your kids are much cooler than mine and you get some awesome action shots. I wish I could be like AnDee!

  2. Wow! I can't even make it up the straight wall once. It has to be at an incline. :) That's pretty amazing! And hunter is looking old. Poor puppy :)