Thursday, May 31, 2012

16... You've had a birthday shout HOORAY!

Thats right, yesterday was the girls birthday. She is 3! 3?! What?! How did this happen?
We kicked the day off with her first ever trip to Seven Peaks. The girl was in heaven. Pep was a little hesitant about the wave pool at first but he warmed up to it quickly and in no time was giggling every time a wave hit him. It was quite the fight to get them to leave but naps were not an option after all the playing.

After nap time we had a little get together with some family and a couple of friends (Dave and Dyl of course.... we don't really have any other friends. But AnDee loves them so it works) We had donuts and milk and opened presents. I simply CAN NOT believe how spoiled this girl is. If you are looking for toys, I threw out a bunch this morning to make room for the new ones so I have some for you. Seriously... Im embarrassed by the amount of toys in our house. 

The boy tried to steal the girls chair...

And was quite upset when he got the boot.

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