Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Or "nastics class" as AnDee would say. She had a performance of sorts a few weeks ago and Im just now getting around to posting about it... not that that is unusual in any way.
AnDee is a rock star when it comes to gymnastics. She was in an advanced class where all of the kids were at least a year older than her but most of them were about 2 to 3 years older. No one in the class, including all of the coaches but one, knew that she was younger because there wasn't one thing that the other kids could do that she couldn't. In fact Im pretty sure she was the only girl in the class that could do a pull up. I don't know where she gets her freakishly strong muscle, but I sure wish I could say it was from me.
Sadly we have decided not to go back to gymnastics. AnDee says she wants to do rock climbing instead. So as soon as her new harness arrives in the mail (we lost the old one) we will be doing that a few times a week... at least until we move and then we will weigh it out and decide if its worth the drive.
Anyway... Here are a few pics from the performance. She thought she was a movie star with all the attention she was getting.

LOVE her!

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