Monday, May 21, 2012

Days 5 and 6

When Andrew is at home, I don't blog. What I am essentially saying is that every Monday I am going to be catching up on Saturday's and Sunday's picture of the day posts. So here they are.
Saturday we went to a party that Andrews work puts on every year. They fly in insane amounts of crawdads and boil them all up, there are hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, cotton candy, snow cones kettle corn... pretty much any kind of carnival food you can think of. Because if we get right down to it, thats basically what it is. U.S. Synthetic's own little carnival. With bounce houses, pony rides, face painting, a live band... the works. And its all free! Needless to say, our children enjoy it immensely.
Im not sure why but when every time we go somewhere that offers pony rides AnDee is adamant that she NEEDS to ride a pony. I don't understand... we have horses at Grandmas, she can ride any time she wants. But I guess ponies are cuter? Im not sure but here she is on her pony..

This pic of Pep isn't from Saturday. I have to confess that Pep didn't have his picture taken that day. Poor kid. He gets forgotten.

This is from a week or so ago. He has figured out how to blow the little seeds off these things and he walks around the pasture picking them and blowing the seeds everywhere. Im sure Poppy loves that he is spreading dandelions all over :) but I sure think its cute.

Last but not least on Saturdays events. Someone randomly left a duck in a cage next to our house. What the??? Here is our new pet? (it bites) duck.

Now for our Sunday pics. Went for a walk up to Grandma Pams Sunday evening. AnDee apparently does not trust her dad to drive the stroller safely because she would not leave the garage without her helmet on.... backwards.

The boy was so excited when dad let our new duck friend out to swim in the ditch. Grandma brought out some rolls for the kids to feed to the ducks. AnDee was all dainty, breaking little pieces off and throwing them in. Not Pep. He just hucked whole roll after roll in to the water. He doesn't joke around. He just gets things done.

Just a little snippet from AnDees prayer that evening: "...and thank you for our new duck. And thank you that he is all white"
I don't like the duck... but Im afraid he is going to be around for a while.

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