Thursday, May 31, 2012


Memorial Day was awesome. Amazing weather, awesome friends and great food. We played outside all day and then we had a BBQ with some family and friends.
AnDee got to play with her friend Dax... who we rarely see so it was a special treat. Dax and Zane are THE CUTEST boys and SO sweet. I hope that the sweetness will rub off on my kids a little ;)
After dinner we broke out the goats for a few rides!
Pep wasn't overly excited... he was more concerned with eating. His ride was short

This is Dax. Im seriously considering an arranged marriage...

 And Zane... Im pretty sure we made his day with this ride. He was less than pleased when his turn was over.

And of course no holiday would be complete without Dave and Dyl.... and a little game of catch??

We are so lucky to have such awesome friends and family!

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