Friday, May 18, 2012

day 4

AnDee put on her own pants after nap time....
She has started to write... well... she has figured out how to draw the letter A and the letter D. Hopefully she will keep going with it. Right now our sidewalk is completely covered in A's

Im not sure what kind of face he is pulling but I think it resemble an expression of joy? He has taken a real liking to the "jumpoline" as of late and his hair is always amazing while he is jumping... that is until I touch it and it falls completely flat, instantly.

 This little kiddo has taken off lately with his sign. In the last 2 days he has added 4 or 5 signs to  his sign vocab. It so fun to see them learn. Its like once something clicks, they can't get enough of it. He is currently trying to cut 4 molars.... not the most fun but we are dealing with it and he tries his best to be happy.

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  1. chan, mike and i are so impressed with how you and andrew are raising your kids. i know it sounds super cheesy, but we think you guys are the most amazing parents! the perfect mix of everything. someday we'll hang out again!