Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We are busy around these parts lately. The weather has warmed up and since we have a ginormous yard we are outside doing lots and lots of work to get gardens and chicken coops and goat pens ready. Not to mention all the cosmetic work that we are doing in the front yard. Its a blast working in the yard with the kids. They help with everything and love love love to catch worms and potato bugs. Pep normally carries his worms around until they are good and dried up... like really dry... like rock hard. AnDee spends a lot of her time in the trees and is always covered in little cuts and scrapes. Is it weird that I am kind of proud of that? She has been super funny about wearing dresses lately. She ALWAYS has to have a dress on and most of the time looks like a little polygamist child in her dress with pigtails and a face covered in dirt. Its awesome
Ike is doing phenomenally well. He eats good and sleeps good and is growing like a weed. He is just a happy little guy and has started smiling. Like real smiles not just bubbles in his tummy smiles. I LOVE it! But as of yet have not been able to catch a picture of it. He just keeps getting more and more cute and fun.

Pep like I said before has a thing for worms lately. He has also developed a love for hats but he always has to have them sideways for some reason. He is an expert at picking out colors he knows them all and is such a tease I fear for the future.
(this is how Andrew did Peps hair WHILE we were out to dinner for Grandma Pam's birthday. Nice huh? All you have to do is just rub his head and it just stays like that. Watch out David Bowie)

AnDee is getting really tired of not having any friends her age. There are actually quite a few little kids around here but none of them play outside (its SO weird) and most of them don't go to church so we haven't met any of them. The poor girl is so sweet with her brothers and I but is dying for some social interaction with kids her own age. Hopefully by the end of today she will be signed up for her very first soccer team!! This is extremely exciting for all of us!
P.S. AnDee will only wear dresses that "spin" cause twirling is a very important part of her drama queen life right now

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  1. Oh my gosh! They are so dang cute! Ike is adorable! Seriously when I saw the bottom picture I couldn't help but go "oooohhhh," all lovingly like, 'cause he's just that cute. Peps hair is something that you should be extremely proud of. That is the coolest hair. Ever. I wish I had a David Bowie kid. And AnDee is right about the twirling dress. :)