Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This is kind of a big deal

AnDee had her very first soccer game last Saturday!

 This poor kid was DYING to play. He LOVES soccer and it was not easy to sit on the sidelines. We did however sneak him on the field for a few minutes after the game was over so he could feel like he got to be a part of things.

 The girl is FAST. The little boy in this pic was the only one who could even remotely keep up with her. Now if we can  just get her to get the ball in the goal with that speed ;)

She was such a good listener and did all the drills like a champ.

 Almost all of the other kids came off the field in tears at one point or another but not AnDee she was so happy to just run around on the field with kids her own age. Mom did make her a little upset once though when she told her she needed to get the ball from the other team. She didn't succeed in her task and was a little upset that she had failed but it didn't last long and she was right back to giggling and running at lightening speeds.
  First team cheer. We are so proud.

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