Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Boy is 2! Say what?

Sad but true. Our little Pep has turned 2. This little man is the coolest. He is so funny and smart but he is quiet and sneaky about his intelligence. He is sweet and soft spoken.... until he has had enough and then he will let you (or usually his sister) have it. He is a total loner. Whenever there is a big group you can find Pep wherever the group is not. We spent a day at aunt Ambers last week and whenever all the kids were inside, Pep was outside (yes... completely alone) and whenever they went out, he came in. He has no use for company. He loves to facetime with his Poppy and Nanny and adores his Grandpa Naugle (which he pronounces "dumpa" and it cracks me up) especially when he takes him on "folilla" (four wheeler) rides to see Kevin the pig who lives down the road. Yes. He is still obsessed with trains and he will spend the most part of a day in the garden digging up worms. He is living up to his name with his love for soccer and is so envious of AnDee when she gets to play every saturday. He would live on watermelon solely if allowed to and he refuses to wear shoes or socks. For some reason he loves to make penguin sounds, loudly and often (if you don't know what a penguin sounds like, just ask him, he will tell you... and you'll probably never ask again (: ) I love to watch him build things and find it humorous when his OCD kicks in and he starts sorting things by size or color. He is STILL not a fan of nursery but I have a feeling that it has something to do with it being held during the exact hours of his usual nap. He doesn't like people to know he has any emotion. He hides all of his smiles and excitement. I think his Grandma thinks that he is clinically depressed. She is always asking if he "ever smiles" He does, but he tries to hide it and ends up making some super funny faces while doing so. Im not sure why he wants to world to think he is grumpy but it makes me laugh every time. He is just the cutest little two year old ever and I love love love being his mama!

We kicked off his birthday celebrations with a trip to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. Grandma, Aunt Amy and Wyatt were able to join us for the fun!

 They even got to help milk the cow! Sadly I didn't get a pic of Pep cause there were too many people standing in front of him.
 Even though we get to ride full sized horses that aren't chained to a walker... My kids always get super excited about the dippy pony rides at these places.

Pep got his first birthday gift from Gayle a few days before his actual birthday. He was SO excited to see this little wooden train when he opened the gift bag. Little did he know that he wouldn't receive one gift that wasn't train related. He got to go to Toys R Us with mom and dad to pick out whatever he wanted for his birthday (and when I say "whatever" I of course mean whatever he wanted that wasn't out of our price range) and guess what he picked? Yup... a train set. We have trains coming out of our eyeballs right now.

Do you see how long that train is? It is being pulled by an engine that runs on a AAA battery. The thing is the real deal. I cannot believe how many cars it will pull... up the hills and everything! 

These trains have turned in to a blessing for me. Whenever I need a minute to clean or cook or just breath, the kids are more than happy to go play with the choo choos and whenever the weather is cruddy and they cant play outside they will spend all day (seriously) playing with these things. Its SO awesome!

We still haven't gone to pick out his birthday gift from Nanny and Poppy (they sent him some major cash) We are hoping to convince him to get something other than a train but if we are being honest it probably wont happen.

We are so lucky to have this dude in our family. We cant imagine life without him and we wouldn't want to! I love that he is just his own person. He brings so much fun into our family!

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  1. You are such an awesome mom!! What lucky kids you have. (btw~ the no shoe thing comes very naturally! I swear I could count on one hand how many times I saw Andrew wear shoes back in the day ;) of course he wore them at church, but besides that......)