Thursday, April 4, 2013


This year the Naugle side of the family got our full attention since Nanny and Poppy are in China and the Cowley side all did their own things. AnDee and Pep got to dye eggs with Grandma Pam and Jake (AnDee had blue hands for a few days) and then we spent Easter Sunday up at Grandma Pam's house and went to church with them and got to hear Jake speak. It was Ike's first church experience and he was a perfect angel of course.
After church we had Easter dinner and then Pep, AnDee and Wyatt got to do an Easter egg hunt in the back yard! Dyl even came over and played with them for a few hours. It was a good day.
We spent the week before Easter trying to explain the resurrection to the kiddos. I think AnDee understands... at least mostly understands. But if Im being honest Pep just doesn't quite get it yet. Which is probably ok since he isn't even quite two yet. I love hearing AnDee try to say resurrection. Its pretty darn cute.

We are so grateful for awesome friends and family to celebrate with. We are also especially grateful for Christ and his sacrifice and the hope he brings to us!
P.S. if you didn't notice, Pep was absolutely refusing to look at the camera. Little stink.


  1. Um. AnDee is your child. Out there in the dirt and grass and hay without any shoes on, like it's no big deal. :) And let me just say again how much I love Pep's hair. It is awesome!

  2. Pam looks like she is in Grandma heaven :) It was so much fun to see you in church that Sunday! Felt like old times :') AnDee's big old cheesy smile is so darn cute and I agree with Kira~ Pep has a ton of hair and it's awesome! xoxoxoxo