Tuesday, April 30, 2013

8 weeks

Ike is growing like crazy! When we took him in for his 8 week appointment he weighed in at 11.4 lbs and is 24 inches long! That puts him in the 90th percentile for hight and 50th for weight. Thats exactly where AnDee was at at that age. Both of them are built like tall skinny Naugles.
He is a blast! I feel so bad because between cooking, cleaning, breaking up fights, sleeping and my own selfish working out... the kid hardly ever gets held but he doesn't complain about it much. He is the most patient and easy kid ever and I am so grateful for it. He is an awesome sleeper. At this point he is sleeping about 12 hours a night, waking up for one feeding somewhere between 4 and 6a.m. He still loves the sunshine. If he is ever having a rough time sitting on his own I just put him in the sun and he is as happy as can be. We love nap time because that is my two hours that are solely dedicated to Ike. We play and talk and then I get to just hold him while he sleeps until the other two monsters wake up.
He has started to giggle a little when he gets tickled and he loves to stand! He puts up with tummy time but it is definitely not his favorite part of the day. Bath time however is his favorite time of the day. He is all smiles the entire time.

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