Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Scheels, Naps at Grandma's and Conference

A few weeks ago we made a trip up to the new Scheels store in Sandy. It has a giant ferris wheel right in the middle of it. Poor little Pep was too short to ride but Andrew let me take AnDee on it and took Pep to see the huge fish tanks and some other things. They also have all these little stations to take pictures at. The kids loved it. Definitely not a place I will ever buy much but its really fun to just go see everything.

Every once in a while I will drive up to good old PG to play volleyball. The kids love it because it means they either get to go to Gayle's house or Grandma Pam's while I play and more often than not it means that they get to take naps at Grandma's. For some reason taking naps is way more exciting when its somewhere besides home. Before we got to the nap part though, Pep was saying goodbye to his cousin Wyatt and I guess saying goodbye required him to stick his head between the stair railing... yup, he got stuck. Fortunately Uncle Sam was strong enough to pull the bars apart far enough for us to get his rather large noggin out. Thanks Sam

 Even Ike took a nap at Grandma's... ok so Ike takes naps pretty much everywhere at this point.

 blurry but happy

We loved conference. AnDee was SO excited that President Monson was talking to her and it was nice to have a chill weekend at home. Unfortunately we were comforted a little to much by the soothing voices of the apostles and we all fell asleep. Well... of course one of the children had to stay awake because we wouldn't want mom to actually get a nap. So while everyone else snoozed away I enjoyed smiles and cooing from Ike and got to listen to Conference in peace and quiet. Its a good thing they print the talks in the Ensign so we can review the ones we missed.

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