Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This and That

This is one of my usual randomness posts. You know, all the odds and ends that wont necessarily make up a whole post but I want to squeeze in? So here you have it. Random junk from the last few weeks.

When the weather was being cruddy a couple of weeks ago we had one of those days where we HAD to get out of the house. The kids always ask to go to the "Pooh Bear slide" at the mall and so Andrew and I indulged them and let them play at the mall for a while.


 Pep is so anti-social. He spent most of his time hiding from the other kids and waving to me from the top of the slide "HI MOMMA!!" was echoing throughout the halls

 I dont know if you remember the post about Andrew getting stung by a bee a while back but guess what?! It happened again. He was helping a friend put a new hive in and a bee tried to fly up his nose. He was like this for almost 3 days. Im pretty sure we need to be more prepared for these things cause he apparently has some very adverse reactions to bee stings on his face that is. For some reason it is only his face that reacts this way but this time it was bad enough that his throat started to close off. Scary. But once he could breath again it went back to being a little bit funny.

And again... Pep got his head stuck. This kid... I don't know how he gets in these situations.

The End


  1. hahahaha! That is the best picture of Pep ever. :) So awesome, and pretty impressive. How'd he even get his head in there?

  2. This post is awesome! I love randomness!